Current Projects with CTA

Current projects include:
1M Euro Project portfolio for partner platform developments (ACP-EU)
Publishing of ICTupdate and portal management
Website integration and online service and publishing strategy

Recent Projects

Recent projects include:
Multiple site consolidation on a Wordpress platform
Linked Open Data publishing
Site development on a Drupal platform;
Use of Google analytics for management information;
Strategic web development;
Search engine development and infomediary partner development;
Data visualisations and linked data.

Projects with IFPRI prior to CTA"chris+addison"+filetype:html for the public projects Chris has been involved in.

Projects with Euforic prior to IFPRI for the public projects Chris has been involved in.

Projects with Communiq for the projects Chris worked on with Communiq.

Projects with OneWorld and ECDPM

European Library Network for Development, EL@ND. ETFRN, European Tropical Forestry Research Network. Euforic/onesite database, see

Software reviews
Site management CTA, ECDPM

Project Evaluation
DFID - Livelihoods connect project European Commission (DG Infsoc) - Interdev project European Commission (DG Research) - EIARD InfosysInfosys-plus

Workshop facilitationGRET (Paris), Euforic (Bonn), DFID (London), EADI (Bordeaux), ZADI (Bonn), CTA (Wageningen)

Other Consultancies
Euforic (NL), NORAD (NO),ISS (NL),CTA (NL), IRC(NL), DFID (UK), GDNET, OneWorld, EC (DG Development), IUED(CH), CIDOB(ES), DSE(DE), CDR(DK), IDS(UK),Ibiscus(FR).

Information Development - Webwatch (regular column), examining web developments in the International Cooperation sector.