Chris Addison
Name: Christopher Mark Addison
Position: Senior Programme Coordinator KM, CTA
Specialism: Internet Service development and management
Nationality: British
Date of birth: 1962
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) 2.1 Applied Biology,
Liverpool University 1984.
Languages: French (Working Knowledge), English (Mother tongue)

Key Expertise and Experience

Knowledge Management, ICTs, Communications, Inter/Intranet consultancy and project management. ICT business management. Specialising in appropriate use of KM for development. Management of Voice Network external telecommunications and data networks. Local area Network Installation and ICT training in resource rich and resource poor situations.

Employment Record

March 2012 to date
Senior Programme Coordinator Knowledge Management. Overseeing management of CTA  sites and services working on internal KM strategy and external KM support programme to CTA partners.

October 2009 to February 2012

Head of Web communications at IFPRI. Managing IFPRI's web presence through the website, portals and partner inmfomediary sites.

January 2000 to September 2009

Freelance Consultant Internet consultancy for Development networks. Specialising in networked database and web activities.

July 1999 to December 2000

Director: OneWorld Europe, The Netherlands: responsible for strategic development, project management and consultancy. Consultancies covering Web site development for major web gateways in the development sector. Project coordinator for ELAND project. Present project portfolio covering 15 development organisations. OneWorld Europe has over 140 partners and handles over 30 projects per year drawing on a team of 10.

April 1997 to June 1999

Programme Officer: , European Centre for Development Policy Management, Maastricht,The Netherlands: Information team, responsible for technical development of Euforic and Oneworld europe projects. Involved in Capacity building projects with the Caribbean Conservation Association in Barbados, presentation at Carribbean Telecoms Union, and development of ELAND. January to June 1999 on secondment to OWE as technical manager and technical coordinator of the OneWorld Group.

January 1995 to March 1997

CommUnique, Ireland: Freelance consultant,working for clients in the Development sector.Establishing Websites from planning through training to execution and maintenance.Producing strategy papers and telecomm reports for Integrated IT planning. Electronic Information Management for the International IPM Working Group, a multi-donor initiative to promote Integrated Pest Management. Production of electronic version of IPM Working for Development Newsletter. Co-ordination of European IPM WorkingGroup Information Server.
During this time also working as
Programme Associate, European Centre for Development Policy Management, Maastricht,The Netherlands: Part of Programme V Information team, responsible for providing Information Technology and planning support for the Internet related Inititives: Electronic Publishing and Information acquisition, EMail and WWW. Responsible for formulation and inception of ECDPM Web site on the Internet.

1991 to 1995

Telecommunications Manager: In charge of the Network and Telecomms support group (5 staff) supporting 500 staff, 900extensions, 350 networked PCs. Responsible for operating Mitel SX200 switch and assistant to Network manager of 5 server, 450 user Novell Network. Financial responsibilities included NRIs Telecommunications expenditure.

1990 to 1994

Assistant Network Manager: Responsible for Network support and administration. Providing support and Network planning advice to the Network Manager. Installing, configuring and managing file servers. Devising and Providing Training in MSDOS on the NRI Local Area Network.


IT User Support officer: Responsible for jointly planning and implementing IT User support function at NRI. Providing general IT support and advice for over 400 staff. Evaluating and procuring IT systems for NRI. Providing training to new users.


Assistant Scientific Officer: Undertaking researchon Heliothis flight behaviour using computerized video flight track analysis with the NRI Radar Unit.


CASE Studentship PhD, University of London, Imperial College, Silwood Park,To investigate the role of vision in High altitude nocturnal flight behaviour in Heliothis armigera. Involving the design and constructionof a computerised flight simulator and video digitising system.


Computer Programmer Natural Resources Institute.General programming 3502 assembler and Basic to provide bespoke data analysis and measurement programmes. Insect flight mill analysisand Microscope measurements were automated.


BSC(Hons) Applied Biology Liverpool John Moore University,specialising in Land Resource Management, Crop protection andEcology.

International experience

Knowledge Management support to CTA partners in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific
Internet service development consultancy, African Capacity Building Foundation and SARDC, Harare,Zimbabwe.
Information and communications Project review, Plantas de Nordeste, North East Brazil.
Internet service development planning, Carribbean Conservation Association, Barbados
System-wide program for Integrated Pest Management: Project Database development
and web authoring training, Cotonou, Benin.
Information and communications strategy workshop and Strategy paper development,
CARDI, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Advisory work on CDS/ISIS and Novell Netware at Research Libraries , Malawi.
Upgrading and installing Network equipment at the Department of Meteorology, Harare, Zimbabwe
European liaison and training visits to Development Agency Information Management departments in the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany and Switzerland.

Additional consultancy work for Internet and Telecommunications in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, United States and Netherlands.

Voluntary work with the Blue Nile Schistosomiasis Project and scientific support for the
Natural Resources Institute and University of Khartoum., Sudan

Professional Experience

Senior Programme Coordinator of Knowledge Management for an International development donor covering internal and external roles
Manager of web communications for an international research centre of over 300 employees affiliated with the World Bank. Joint management of Internet Services company, with over 140 partners and 30 technical projects annually. Consultancy work covering the development of over 20 web sites and gateways. Executive committee member of European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, EADI as technical advisor. European project preparation and management of ELAND consortium. XML development and IDML DTD development.
Management of Telecommunications systems including MITEL SX2000,Government Telephone Network (GTN) Tandem, 900 extension internalnetwork, 92 trunk external, Call Logging. Assistant responsibility for data Network: Novell Netware 3.11 and 2.2 servers (5) 400node network, VAX and DG gateways, X25, RIPL and Access servers. IT support for research projects including CDS/ISIS support forthe Special Programme for African Agriculture.
Implementation of IT projects in developing countries. Experience of technical management and training.
Experience of Information Technology and its application to scientific research, particularly in the field of tropical agriculture. Familiar with Natural Resources information systems and technologies. SUN, Novell and UNIX trained in Network Management and Systems.


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